atlanta 1945 + 50


    Commissioned as one of five contemporary world artists selected for the Cultural Olympiad Artist book project for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games:

    Ohtake`s richly-imaged ATlanta 1945 + 50 is a document that travels from the visual rhythm and density of a Tokyo street to a direct and intense scrutiny of Atlanta`s cultural encrustation. Endless Japanese and American ephemera are juxtaposed, overlapped and manipulated to create complex crosscultural visions-the printing of this artist`s book involved as a many as 150 runs on the press. Each copy is unique: the printing incorporated paper from a variety of sources including Atlanta billboards and throwaway sheets from previous printings in Japan.


Shinro OhtakeShinro Ohtake at a slide show at Nexus Press in Atlanta.   index   contact

art direction and design: bubble & squeak