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    Collected Works of Shinro Ohtake


    „I guess it was in 1977, when I first went to England, that I began to have these powerful encounters with printed matter and thrown-away bits of rubbish in my daily life. Ever since then, I`ve encountered printed materials and bin-gleanings from all over, from countries far and wide, and we`ve stuck together. By almost any scale of value, such refuse should be utterly worthless, but to me they are important yardsticks for judging the things that be, for viewing the world. Now, by whatever fluke of fortune that landed them in my hands, each and everyone has burned itself into my retina, forming what is to me a world map." Shinro Ohtake 

    ECHO boxed sets ed. nos. 1-100 contain:

    01 Box Retina Map, ed. nos. 1-100

    02 Hardcover art book SO, bound in drawing Blue Dream, ed. nos. 1-100

    03 Silkscreen print: I Thought About America in Shinjuku

    04 Drawing Retina Burn, ed. nos. 1-100

    05 Printed Matter 1991 collection

    A Lithograph Woman Under a Tree (Dream)

    B Miniature book Small Dreams, ed. nos. 1-100


    D Plastic slip-sheet EP record Live One Week/ Only Connect

    E Miniatures magazine LTD

    F Scrapbook scraps (over 50 pcs)

    G 3 photographic prints

    H Amnesty Poster

    I Visual Notebook Shipyard Works 1990

    Year: 1991

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art direction and design: bubble & squeak