"EZMD, a two-volume slipcased homage to Marcel Duchamps, was published in 1987 by Yobisha Co., Ltd, Tokyo, which had also brought out <London/Honcon> 1980. One volume, published under the pseudonym Tay Teo Chuan, following Duchamp`s invention of Rose SÚlavy as his alter ego, is printed in black and white in the style of a Japanese manga, with subtle intrusions of Duchampian motifs and themes. It is the companion volume, however, which is more compelling. Lusciously printed throughout in full colour, with the full-page collages bleeding off the edges, this pays tribute to Duchamp`s aesthetic of the ready-made and makes sly reference to some of his most influential works, as well as to his passion for chess.

The perforated shapes cut into several pages, a device more readily associated with greeting cardsor children`s books, introduce a playful note and encourage our active participation in the deciphering of the visual drama that unfolds. Given Duchamp`s insistence on the role played by the viewer in completing the creative act, such methods of drawing us into interaction with the book are wholly appropriate. Moreover, the disconnectedness of much of the imagery puts the burden of interpretation firmly on us, although we are left to roam freely through motifs that seem to be surfacing in our consciousness through free association." (Marco Livingstone in eye No. 10 Vol. 3 1993)

Book details:

2 volume set; 100 pages each

Commemorating the centenial of the birth of Marcel Duchamp, 2 books come in one box. Collage works (four color) and comic drawings (black & white).

Limited edition of 1000: includes sound works on 46 minute cassette tape by Ohtake`s experimental audio group "19" (active between 1978-82).

Year: 1987 (scarce)

Prices: please inquire

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