so - works of shinro ohtake 1955-91


so-works of shinro ohtake 1955-91

    Published simultaneously with the boxed set ECHO, the companion volume SO is a breakthrough catalogue of Shinro Ohtake`s art works up to 1991, covering the full breadth of his multi-genre development as an artist. This deluxe edtion of 354 pp includes 800 works in full-colour, as well as a sizeable compilation of his major writings in print, plus some 100pp of quirky new essay material, making it both an unusually good read and a marvelous visual treat. An extensive overview of his paintings and drawings, object and sculptures, not to mention writings from early 1960s onwards, covering everything from his precocious 1st and 2nd primary school years up through the summer of 1991 - the diverse dimensions of Shinro Ohtake`s life and career in art is allright here in one generous volume. (Note: some of the essays are in Japanese only.)


Book details:

354 pages

All color. Size: A4 modified.

About 800 reproductions with 16 pages black & white supplement book.

Year: 1991

Prices: please inquire


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