On 8 October 2000 Toru Takemitsu (� 1996) would have celebrated his 70th birthday. To mark this anniversary, Schott Japan commissioned the Japanese artist Shinro Ohtake to illustrate the 20 songs published while Takemitsu was still alive; these graphics together with the songs have now been published in an elaborate art book. 20 songs composed by Toru Takemitsu Melody with piano arrange-ment and guitar chords Texts: 17 Japanese language lyrics in original Japanese characters and phoneticized by Roman alphabets.
English text adapted by Ella Louise Rutlidge & Kirsti Kaldro. 
3 songs originally written in German, French and Spanish.
Art Works: 30 works by Shinro Ohtake, in full colour, 136 pages, 
303 x 227 mm, Hard cover binding, in full colored book case

EUR 75 (incl. 7% VAT for EU residents)
US$ 60 (Non-European Union residents)
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art direction and design: bubble & squeak